terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013

Péssimas notícias - inglês

Cirque du Soleil is in mourning. For the first time in his 29 years on the road has never been an accident as fatal. But it happened, and that accident took an artist's death.

The death occurred during one of the scenes of the show Ka in Las Vegas on June 29. Sarah Guyard-Guillot, 31 and known as Sassoon, died Saturday shortly before midnight at Medical University of Las Vegas. Members of the audience reported that the accident occurred near the end of the show. Guyard-Guillot, who was suspended by a cable, climbed to the top of the stage and let your lifeline, nobody knows how, and fell from a height of 15 meters in a well where the audience could not see.
Viewers found that what happened was part of the choreography, but then heard screams and wails.

"I'm heartbroken. Want to extend my deepest condolences to the family. We are completely devastated by this news. Sassoon was an artist of the original cast of KA since 2006 and was an integral part of our family," said Cirque founder Guy Laliberté and acrecentou: "This reminds us, with incredible humility and respect, as our artists are extraordinary nightly"

Sassoon died at his 31 years and left two sons. The authorities will investigate this accident and shows Ka is temporarily suspended until further notice.

I ask very lucky family of Sassoon and may she rest in peace.

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